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The convention is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. Remind students that with the evolution of the internet, some amateur sources and blogs are not credible sources.

Notice here that we changed the word "houses" to "homes", since "homes" are houses with people living in them. Topics for articles can include interesting things that have happened in the classroom or school, events that occurred in your town, family milestones did someone have a birthday recently, or win an award?

Notice here that we changed the word "houses" to "homes", since "homes" are houses with people living in them.

It is the longest sentence ever given anyone in your state.

Writing skills: news story

Tell your students that these features a,b,c help make a good news story. Close the discussion by asking students to comment on the following questions. Nadi meteorologists warn Solomon Islands government of approach of Cyclone Victor. Write as you speak Students transfer their words - as they spoke them - onto Worksheet 3.

You might show them the centre of the village first, then move to the outer buildings, and finish with the river and the food gardens. Whether or not a student looks to a professional career as a journalist, adopting journalistic techniques will be useful in myriad academic and real world settings.

Solomon Islanders themselves warned of approaching cyclone. This must be included in our story. The final version The final version of our cyclone story, let us say for a newspaper, is now almost ready.

An annual report issued by the organization warned that noise levels in the world are rising by one decibel a year. A quick discussion on the merits of newspapers versus television or radio. Record student ideas on the board or overhead. More than 20 homes destroyed and other buildings sustained considerable structural damage.

The original phrase was just jargon. A much simpler alternative is to now go back to the beginning of the event and tell it in chronological order, as things happened. What Makes a Source Reliable?


Government officials put emergency plans into operation. The group providing the information can also slant its content to promote the agenda most likely to serve the group. Authorities have not yet determined who was at fault.

The error was discovered after the medical examiners office realized the month-old corpse had disappeared. They must be on the BBC News website and have one of the following credits: Inexperienced journalists are often so relieved that they have actually written a story that they forget to check it properly.

Facilitate a short discussion about what make a story newsworthy. The amount of detail which we include in the story will depend on how much we feel our readers or listeners will want.

Three men drowned when their car was blown off the road into a river, in the national capital, Honiara.Use this worksheet to take notes as your first step in writing a newspaper article. Newspaper Reporter Notes #2 Use this worksheet to take notes as your first step in writing a newspaper article (with space for a picture and caption).

Chapter Ten – The Body of a News Story. Chapter Eleven – Quotations and Attribution Chapter Thirteen – Writing for Radio and TV News.

Chapter Fourteen – Writing for Digital Media. Chapter Fifteen – Speeches and Meetings. Chapter Sixteen – Brights, Follow–Ups, Roundups, Sidebars and Obituaries. Chapter Seventeen – Feature. Unit: Writing a News Article (middle school) 1 of 10 Includes the main elements of a news article, writing headlines, writing a lead, story sequencing, differences between fact and opinion all the basic aspects of news writing are included in this 15 page multiple-skill unit.

News Story Analysis Worksheet Directions: Using the NOW Online news story provided, analyze the content to learn more about the topic as well as the process of writing an informational news story.

Be as specific as possible with all of your answers, referring back to. This is a writing task (I personally used it for a test) that deals with news reports. This worksheet introduces the situation when a picture by Renoir was stolen, some details of the theft and gi 5/5(3).

Original News Story - Worksheet; Language Analysis – How to write a good news story - Worksheet; Complex Sentences – a chart - Worksheet (more if necessary) for answering the questions and writing the story. Emphasise that they will be making the story more interesting by adding detail.

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Writing a news story worksheet
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