Tma 04 e100 early years developing practice

Digital cameras are used a lot in my setting both by the adults and children alike. These resources include a toy oven, washing machine, kettle and many other types of kitchen equipment. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.

This can affect the development of mouth muscles allowing the tongue to become lazy, making it difficult for the child to form sounds appropriately as a result.

Indian industrialisation during british rule was marked by an unbalanced growth of its industries. Both units have outdoor garden spaces with bikes, climbing equipment and other outdoor toys. They disagreed on the issue of the trinity. The implications of the video sequence the lark centre on my practice are: I have found it very difficult to complete section 2 of the TMA.

In other words, the software is tested on actual users at various stages of development before finalizing, in order to ensure optimal user friendliness.

Exploring perspectives on young children's lives and learning

It has been highlighted in Block 4, stage 1, p. Concrete Operational Period years Children in this period are characterize by the appropriate use oflogic. This is achieved by allowing them to take pictures of things that they have achieved.

Main Body In my setting we use phonics phones, see image in appendix 2to support the childrens leaning by allowing them to listen to their own voices. Any modern browser will be suitable for most computer activities.

This is particularly relevant in the area of personal, social and emotional development where children begin to welcome praise for what they have achieved and enjoy the responsibility of carrying out a task independent of an adult DCFS, Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS p.

This investigation has highlighted the fact that my internal documentation does not adequately cover the topic of wellbeing needs for children with speech and language delay.

What are the stages of early childhood development?

It is fair to assume that nursery and other early years setting are not the only place children come across, use and are influenced by technology. After sawing the wood the child moves on to nailing in the wheels to finish the model.

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I am child-minder to a group of children who have display speech delay.E TMA 04 Activity are planned to extend children learning and development area as they learn new words and able to build on their communication and language by describing and explaining what they are doing and asking question.

Ethical Statement Title of course: The early years: Developing practice I am undertaking an E course with the Open University that involves the study of children, operating at, year old age range. All children names have been excluded to protect their identity and their parents have given permission for their activities to be used in my assignments.

E, The early years: developing practice, Undergraduate course, Open University, Education; INSET E J: Start date: Oct End date: Jun 31 weeks: Presentation: E J: Extending professional practice in the early years. Supporting learning in primary schools: APEL route.

Supporting children’s learning environment Part 1 E Ethical Statement I confirm that in this assignment I have only used material drawn from the setting identified on my employers Permission Agreement Form.

Question: TMA 04 Part 1 My knowledge and theoretical understanding of adult strategies for supporting children’s learning experiences within my setting. (Word count ) TMA 04 Part 2 Comparing and contrasting my own professional strategies for promoting children’s learning and development with those of the adult featured in “Worms and Treasures” clip.

I’m also going to discuss how my setting has progressed through the changes in Birth to Three Matters and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Developmental Psychology and Study Topic

Part 1 My settin is a nursery for children aged birth to five years, with an attached breakfast club, afterschool club and holiday club, for school children 5 .

Tma 04 e100 early years developing practice
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