The third runway in hong kong

Cathay Pacific supports construction of the third runway at Hong Kong International Airport

The key will be in releasing more military airspace for civilian use. No comments Danny Chung While other major infrastructure works such as the railway expansion projects of the MTR Corporation and other government public works are charging ahead, over at Airport Authority Hong Kong, the pace of its new projects is seemingly on the slow side.

A third runway was deemed essential, to be built on land reclaimed from the sea. Even raising runway movements to 68 per hour as proposed by the Civil Aviation Department, capacity will only be 55 million passengers.

The study then modelled three scenarios including maintaining the status quo, optimisation of the two runway system and building of a third runway.

Third runway at Hong Kong International Airport ‘going to be needed’ - Cathay Pacific

Moreover, Hong Kong is home to 1, regional offices employingpeople who are dependant on efficient air links. In addition, contractors will be required to utilise BIM for the entire project, from construction phasing and simulation to the handover of the as-built model.

You can follow us at http: The problem is that this document lacks any effective measures to mitigate or compensate for the loss of marine habitats caused by reclamation work during the building stage of the third runway.

If airlines, or more precisely, paying customers were prepared to put up with anti-social timings, then capacity between these hours could almost treble.

Building for the future

Growth has been faster than anyone could have predicted. High-Calibre Staff Required With this level of complexity, experienced staff are going to be in high demand. This is all assuming that the EIA process goes smoothly. Byit will be the eighth largest market in the world.

These were to understand the geological profile of the area, and to trial a proposed deep cement mixing technique to minimise the amount of dredging required, thus reducing the local environmental impact during the construction phase.

The forecasts are a consensus of airline and industry sources. These specialised marine site investigation services are not readily available in the region.

Hong Kong International Airport

In the Sector and Service part of the website, relevant regional contacts have been identified. But the current two runways are near saturation.

Lack of clear specification for the dimension of future generation of aircraft, operational requirements for a wide range of aircraft on airbridges as well as the drainage on reclaimed land presented major challenges to the design.

Quality of life series – Hong Kong airport’s third runway

The soil stabilisation technique results in a stable foundation for the new runway whilst minimising disturbance to the local marine environment.

Airspace is a finite resource from which we are working together to squeeze even more efficiency. Solution We carried out the environmental impact assessment EIA and provided options that would allow the best balance to be struck between environmental protection, technical feasibility, cost and operational performance.

Our team worked with the Airport Authority to provide an advance works contract which enabled early operation of six aircraft parking stands to meet the ongoing increased demands of the Airport as well as vacate the construction site as far as possible.

Asked if there was a possibility of a fourth runway which the third runway might make allowance for in its design, the authority said its year plan was updated every five years. Bisignani also commented on air traffic management in the Pearl River Delta region.

Our EIA work benefited from the fact that we were also producing design for the third runway. These have involved up to eight vessels on site, sinking marine drill holes and marine CPTs.

Hong Kong International Airport's Third Runway

Not slowed to a standstill though.Mar 18,  · HONG KONG (AP) - The Hong Kong government gave final approval Tuesday for a third runway at the Asian financial center's airport, aiming to. If it goes ahead, the third runway would cost 86bn Hong Kong dollars ($11bn; £bn) to build.

But it would mean that Hong Kong International Airport could handle a maximum offlights per year and meet forecast annual passenger throughput of 97 million and cargo of million tonnes bysays the government.

The expansion of Shenzhen airport, due to be completed inwill reduce the airspace available for Hong Kong's proposed third runway which does not come on line until three years later. Hong Kong Needs Another Airport By David Dodwell, South China Morning Post | Apr.

17, Bythe International Air Transport Association (IATA) says that one in five passengers worldwide will be travelling to China, from China, or within China. The Third-Runway System Judicial Review Proceedings: Four Key Issues The same EIA process applied to the third-runway system.

The Director issued a Study Brief to AAHK, the project proponent, on 28 May pursuant to which the EIA Report was prepared. Hong Kong airport is reaching saturation point. On the doorstep of the world’s second largest economy and faced with increasing competition from rivals in both mainland China and nearby Singapore, Hong Kong is planning to build a third runway.

The third runway in hong kong
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