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Minimum now exists in a state of parasitic co-dependency with overdose: Minimum is the ultimate ornament, a self-righteous crime, the contemporary Baroque. Diversity, heterogeneity, even eclecticism can now be spoken as the watchwords of post-modern architecture.

Rem Koolhaas. Junkspace

Junkspace is sealed, held together not by structure, but by skin, like a bubble. A surfeit of reality TV has made us into amateur guards monitoring a Junkuniverse Junkspace features the office as the urban home, a meeting-boudoir: A single shopping center now is the work of generations of space planners, repairmen and fixers, like in the middle ages; air conditioning sustains our cathedrals.

Junkspace with Running Room

This position is self-referentially incoherent. Will junkspace invade the body? Invariably, the primordial decision is to leave the original intact; the formerly residual is declared the new essence, focus of the intervention.

Through the industrialization of language, there are too few plausible words left; our most creative hypotheses will never be formulated, discoveries remain unmade, concepts unlaunched, philosophies muffled To show respect, symmetries are maintained and helplessly exaggerated; ancient building techniques are resurrected and honed to irrelevant shine, quarries reopened to excavate the 'same' stone, indiscreet donor names chiseled prominently in the meekest of typefaces; the courtyard covered by a masterful, structural 'filigree' - emphatically uncompetitive - so that continuity may be established with the 'rest' of junkspace abandoned galleries, display slums, jurrasic concepts Memory itself may have turned into junkspace; only those murdered will be remembered Is mankind the sum of three to five billion individual upgrades?

The authors also examine the influence of shopping habits and the recent rapid growth of cities in China. The secret of corporate aesthetics was the power of elimination, the celebration of the efficient, the eradication of excess: In the barcode however, new Member States of the EU can be added without space constraints.

Instead of trying to wrest order from chaos, the picturesque now is wrested from the homogenized, the singular liberated from the standardized. Because junkspace is endless, it is never closed Airports, provisional accommodation for those going elsewhere, inhabited by assemblies united only by the imminence of their dissolution, have turned into consumption gulags, democratically distributed across the globe to give every citizen an equal chance of admission A voided condition of frigthening sparseness, shocking proof that so much can be organized by so little.

Now, massive injections of lyricism have enabled infrastructure - the one domain previously immune to design, taste or the marketplace - to join the world of junkspace, and for junkspace to extend its manifestations under the sky. Junkspace is a look-no-hands world To believe otherwise, well, is positivism in its own instance.

DFW is composed of three elements only, repeated ad infinitum, nothing else:Rem Koolhaas Junkspace () but at ZHR huge 'timepieces' hover in front of interior waterfalls as an essay in regionaljunk. Duty Free is junkspace, junkspace is duty free space. Where culture was thinnest, will it be the first to run out?

This article is printed without the permission of Rem or his publishers, as a means of showcasing.

Rem Koolhaas

Jul 14,  · Rem Koolhaas published an essay called Junkspace inin the opening he describes this Junkspace as being the “residue mankind leaves on the planet” it is a direct inversion of space junk which is the debris humans leave in space.

Jul 23,  · The definition of Junkspace is junkspace itself? Look in your own house or apartment. I'm sure you'll find at least some junkspace. I've read the Koolhaas text several times and found it less useful/meaningful with each reading.

Rem Koolhaas - Junkspace Reading Design. November 29th Bigness London Review of Books.

koolhaas' Junkspace

Junkspace is the most important piece of writing on architecture of the 21st stream of Koolhaas’s prose is akin to a visionary dream, a structureless sequence of crystalline insight and enfolding opiate fogReviews: 3. Rem Koolhaas.

JUNKSPACE "Logan Airport: a world-class upgrade for the 21st century" (Late 20th century billboard) Rabbit is the new beef. Because we abhor the utilitarian, we have condemned ourselves to a life-long immersion in the arbitrary.

Rem koolhaas essay junkspace
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