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He was engaged in business with his father-in-law from about till the death of Mr. William was Mrs dyers avid fan of Carlisle United. Henry was prominent in the Baptist Church, and later in the Church of the Disciples. Above these premises was the surgery of Trevor Flooks the Dentist - probably the most up-to-date dentist in Aberdare at the time but even his tooth-drilling machine was foot driven.

They were delighted to be able to discuss every aspect of male clothing with people who were clearly interested.

WASHINGTON BOROUGH – pp. 476 - 564

Work On Your Mrs dyers Comfortably Our shop boasts a large shopping area of square feet, offering a home-like atmosphere where you can shop with ease. His death occurred in January,at the age of fifty-two years, leaving a widow who died in and five sons and one daughter, viz.: In April,he was chosen a member of the corporation, where he continued throughout his subsequent life—for thirty-four years—the able counselor and guardian of the college.

Funeral Services will be held at the grave in the Wyant Cemetery, near Beldor, Monday afternoon at two o'clock, the Rev. Attention was drawn to this after a time, and it was thought to be not right. Cummins, and mother of Drs. No partial use of the Loyalty Club Card is permitted.


Of these children William settled in Nashville, Tenn. Having an older brother around who dressed like a bum couldn't have been pleasant for any teenage high school girl.

Wayne Wright and Joan Everhart will conduct the funeral service at 2 p. The small blue pocket charts hanging on the front of the lower cabinet doors are for our BUILD math stations.


Finally, slowly, her expression turned from hopelessness to determination. Friends may visit with the family one hour prior at church beginning at On the front of my filing cabinet I have pictures of all of my classes from years prior. Later, alone in my room, Kevin said, "They didn't seem to think us that bad.

Ashley led them around, holding up various items for them to see as she moved from drawer to cupboard. Sally became the wife of James Meetkirke, son of William. Wilson and Anne, of Moberly, Mo. William is preaching in Helena, Montana.

Hugh Workman died inaged eighty-four years. Shifflette was a long time resident of the Beckley area. You did a great job " Lou She designs themes for classrooms that are absolutely adorable! After our move to the LSA proved to be going well they decided to follow us. Mom and Ash's words were as important as the clothes we were going to buy.This page contains information relating to Hale families throughout all of England.

The information on this page has been compiled from marriage licence indexes, will. We're so close to June! Our last family projects went home today. Flip Flop into summer! I can't believe we're just a few short weeks away from first grade being over!!


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Dyer was transferred to Post Acute Medical™ Specialty Hospital at Victoria for continued management of acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is a life-threatening lung condition that prevents oxygen from flowing to the lungs and in to the blood.

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ABERDARE IN THE NINETEEN TWENTIES. A walk through part of the Town. We shall start our short walk in the s at the Aberdare Public Library and walk down Canon Street and Commercial Street as far as the iron bridge over the River Cynon. Designing Mart, Shop No.

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Mrs dyers
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