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As the Directorate General of Civil Aviation DGCA announced the suspension of flying license of Kingfisher Airlines on 20 Octoberseven years after it commenced operation, the already financially crippled airline came to an abrupt halt. Other than that relating the person and the brand and trying to say that Mr Mallya is more flamboyant than the brand is doing unjust to the brand.

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Bad times continue for Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines

He was raking in billions from the liquor industry. If everything about the airlines is so good, what could have gone wrong? Kingfisher needs an able leader to fly the airlines and unfortunately that able leader is not Vijay Mallya.

Hypothetically again, if their salaries are a minimum of evenRs. He publishes a Kingfisher calendar of beautiful Indian models - often appearing flanked by them in photoshoots. Since its launch the company has failed to earn profits. Mallya was looking for buyers for the Vile Parle Kingfisher House.

Vijay Mallya and his grandeur have always been in the limelight. The government was engaged in assessing whether to bail out the company and other airlines or let market forces determine which survived.

Venkattaram Reddy, who was such a successfull and sober businessman, who created the Deccan Chronicle empire. Most of the business reports try to relate the persona of Mr Mallya and the brand which I feel is unjustified. These hard-working but not always modest people pray solemnly before an idol with several incense sticks: He built a luxury Kingfisher villa in the beach state of Goa famed for its lavish parties, has Kingfisher airlines king of good times Bollywood stars and has a collection of dozens of vintage cars worth millions.

However, one of the key reasons to acquire Deccan was to get the license to fly to high-traffic global destinations, a plan which Mallya passionately pursued until reality hit hard. This was issued in response to a plea by the Enforcement Directorate on 15 April before the special court hearing cases under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Hindustan Times via Getty Images Executives from troubled Kingfisher Airlinesrun by the Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya, have met employees to try to thrash out a deal over the seven months of pay they are owed as a first step to getting planes airborne again.

The Times of India newspaper accused the tycoon of leaving his employees "in the lurch" as the airline ran into problems.

Accusations of fraud[ edit ] On 18 AprilMallya was arrested by the UK Metropolitan Police extradition unit "on behalf of the Indian authorities in relation to accusations of fraud", and was released on bail pending further consideration of the case.

Destiny number 5 persons are advised not to take decisions without giving a proper thought to the matter. The Kingfisher Calendar is going to rock.

The year-old Mallya, with his Branson-style flowing silver hair, is chairman of United Breweries Holdingsa conglomerate with interests as diverse as aviation, breweries, biotechnology and real estate.

Its registered office was located in UB CityBengaluru. All long-haul routes were operated on the Airbus A Burning fuelAmidst this all, Dr Mallya forgot that he was operating in a business where fuel costs are variable and taxes are discretionary. Its core breweries and liquor business has around half the market share in India.

He helped transform India's airline business by focusing on services like good food, personal screens on domestic flights and airline ushers who attend to customers as they arrive at the airport.


The troubles of Kingfisher have contributed to a broader realisation in India that years of explosive economic growth are coming to an end. This brand can even be termed as an iconic brand. Money which ought to have been spent on expansion plan for Deccan Chronicle was spent on having late night parties with celebrities.

Hence, I foresee the recovery phase to begin for Kingfisher Airlines from November 15th. The famous jingle " Oola la le lo" and the fun filled TVC rightly placed the brand as a fun loving one. But I am sure, the workforce for the job must be much larger than the hypothesis and the salaries too must be much higher than assumed.

Mallya is on bail since his arrest on an extradition warrant in April Mallya was a member of the Rajya Sabhathe upper house of the Parliament of Indiafor his home state KarnatakaIndia.

He built a luxury Kingfisher villa in Goa famed for its lavish parties, has befriended Bollywood stars and has a collection of dozens of vintage cars worth millions.

He once personally flew in his private jet from New Zealand to Scotland with three bottles of whisky found left from British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic expedition. Mallya himself says he will bounce back, and often criticises what he sees as a sensationalist press out to get him.

The owners have built the brand circumventing the ban on promotion. Number 5 is governed by mercury. He has many bungalows and a cruise boat.

'King of Good Times' Mallya slips off throne

Going from A to B stillAt the outset, Dr Mallya wanted to change the thought or wanted us to believe that airlines were no more a means of going from place A to B. To a very large part of the middle class, he was what everyone wanted to be," said Prahlad Kakkar, a well-known advertising executive.Oct 21,  · King fisher brand has always been synonymous with good times or so what we thought.

As the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced the suspension of flying license of Kingfisher Airlines on 20 Octoberseven years after it commenced operation, the already financially crippled airline came to an abrupt halt.

Vijay Mallya - dubbed 'King of Good Times' in India - is known as the man behind Kingfisher beer and airlines and for his stake in the Formula One team Force India.

Mar 20,  · So Sorry: King of Good Times, this edition of So Sorry is a humorous take on Vijay Mallya and the downfall of his Kingfisher Airlines, as a result, he is in debt with many banks from India.

Aug 30,  · there are very high talents inside the company and the work atmosphere is very goodAuthor: Former Intern - Trainee Aircraft Tech. Vijay Mallya, with his son Sidhartha Mallya at the launch of Kingfisher Airlines in Bombay, India, Saturday, on May 7, Inthe airlines suspended its operations after financial difficulties.

Nov 30,  · I have been working at Kingfisher Airlines full-time (More than 3 years) Pros Better working Atmosphere As Compared to other. very experienced engg staff and dedicated Current Employee - Aircraft Maintenance Technician.

Kingfisher airlines king of good times
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