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Shelby Paschal, biological and agricultural engineering; Michaela Mertz, biomedical engineering; Andrew Dominick, chemical engineering; Matthew Watters, civil engineering; Taylor Martin, computer engineering; Austin Brown, computer science; Rocky Hedrick, electrical engineering; Kaitlin Denny, industrial engineering; and Will Carlisle, mechanical engineering.

Granular materials are common in everyday experience, but have long-resisted a complete theoretical description. I got my bachelor degree from Jilin University, where I conducted experimental research on T-H-M coupling of fractured rock.

More broadly, I am also interested in seismic signal analysis in earthquake and non-earthquake related processes, and I expect to help developing integrated approaches for gelogical problems. Denny interned with Marshalltown Company and Wal-Mart.

DEM simulations show that: These instabilities arise when stamping features that leave the bounds of the terrain data, and when modifying and re-stamping Engineering thesis dem modeling that have already been stamped. Before my graduate studies I spent over five years in the oil and gas industry working as an geophysicist in Brazil and the US.

There he was Head of the chemical sector at the internal college. Sensitivity analyses also show that concrete strength depends linearly on both the adhesive area fraction of the ITZ and the aggregate tensile strength.

Here, I will be working on modeling of induced seismicity in reservoirs with faults considering their coupled multiphysics response. After graduation, she will join Huhtamaki full-time in the Kansas City area.

Before he became involved in micro fluidics, he worked in the field of theoretical elementary particle physics.


My current research is centered about DEM modeling of wettability control on hydraulic fracture patterns. In order to contribute towards closing the aforementioned gap, we have developed a micro-mechanical analysis of macroscopic peak strength, critical state, and residual strength in two-dimensional non-cohesive granular media, where typical continuum constitutive quantities such as frictional strength and dilation angle are explicitly related to their corresponding grain-scale counterparts e.

I am interested in numerical modeling of multiphase flow in porous media, which has practical importance in enhanced oil recovery and shale gas production. Pebble-Bed Simulation — background; mean velocity profiles; comparison to the kinematic model; diffusion; volume fraction, porosity, and local ordering; pebble residence time; the bidisperse PBR concept; effect of wall friction.

We also investigate the influence of microscopic flaws on particle crushing. Download 15MB Preview Abstract A numerical model for the rock scratching test using a sharp cutter is proposed in which the rock is represented by a bonded-particle model and its mechanical behavior is simulated by the Distinct-Element Method using the discrete element program PFC2D.

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The ITZ has a greater effect on concrete strength than aggregate strength. Also inhe attained his Ph. After graduation, Dominick will begin a career with Eastman Chemical Company. Much of the complexity of modeling granular materials stems from the discreteness of the constituent particles, and a key theme of this work has been the connection of the microscopic particle motion to a bulk continuum description.ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION Multi-scale modeling of wet granulation processes By DANA BARRASSO Dissertation Director: Rohit Ramachandran Wet granulation is a particle design process used to create larger granules from fine powder.

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Rajesh N. Davé is a distinguished professor in the Otto H. York Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. He is the founding Director of the R&D Excellence Center, New Jersey Center for Engineered Particulates, focusing on research and innovations in particle engineering for improved particle properties for applications to pharmaceutical, food, electronics, and energy industries.

The charge motion in a tumbling mill has been mostly described by empirical, mechanistic and computational models. The computational model presented in this work is a three phase approach for the tumbling mill that combines a particle description for the solids modelled by the Discrete Element Method, and the continuum description for the fluid by CFD approach.

modeling rock cutting using dem with crushable particles Mendoza Rizo, Jorge Alejandro () MODELING ROCK CUTTING USING DEM WITH CRUSHABLE PARTICLES. Master's Thesis, University of.

Modeling The other chapters may include Project implementation / Results and Thesis should be bound using flexible cover of thick white art paper. The cover Department of Civil Engineering > Anna University Anna University Chennai – Chennai – APPENDIX – II B: (A typical Specimen of.

Engineering thesis dem modeling
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