Curiosity company provided the following financial information for its installment sales for the cur

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The financial statements of a company should provide information about the financial strengths and weaknesses and the liquid- ity and solvency of the firm.

4. Objective of providing information about the enterprise’s performance and earnings. One of the main sources of such information is the company's financial statements that are provided by the firm's accountants.


Although this infor­ mation is by no means perfect, it is an important source used by outsiders to assess a company's activities/5(12). Article 2 – doesn’t apply to sales of goods for personal use, auctions, execution, sales of securities, ships, vessels, hovercraft or aircrafts and sales of electricity.

Article 3 So, article 2 and 3 gives us some ideas of the scope of the CISG, but it doesn’t really say where the CISG applies. John Morehead, national sales manager of Crouzet Motors (Vista, CA), Graco provided a Check-Mate pump with SmartWare software, The following information is presented to help sort out the various items on which billing is based, and to offer suggestions.

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Curiosity company provided the following financial information for its installment sales for the cur
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