Compstat and crime

Jack Maple

Also, Newton was experiencing a variety of other deficiencies including a substantial decrease in productivity, and a serious lack of focus on the crime-fighting mission.

Effective tactics Have a plan! Upon completion of this phase, the inspection team prepared an overview of its findings and recommendations for correcting perceived deficiencies.

Communications between the mentor and the one being mentored are strictly confidential, to maximize individual trust.

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But there is evidence to suggest that this process can do much more. During these meetings we reviewed Newton's progress and where appropriate made strategic adjustments to the plan. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

This data, with specific crime and enforcement locations and times, is forwarded to the chief of the department's CompStat Unit, where information is collated and loaded into a citywide database. We determined that the means for disseminating the information, as well as the timeliness, and frequency information was being provided could be improved.

Bratton was later appointed police commissioner by Rudolph Giulianiand he brought Maple's Charts of the Future with him. The credit for success lies squarely where it should- with the hardworking and dedicated men and women assigned to Newton and Southeast Areas. Because ranking decision-makers are present at the meetings and can immediately commit their resources, the obstacles and delays which often occur in highly structured bureaucratic organizations also tend to be minimized.

Crime in the subways dropped about 27 percent.

Crime Statistics

There are also pre-COMPSTAT briefings convened at the local patrol borough level, Precinct Management Team meetings in each precinct and strategy evaluation projects conducted by ranking members of the department. For instance we quickly learned that deployment and programmed computer aided dispatching protocols were not set up to maximize the use of existing patrol resources.

Relentless follow-up and assessment If it works, do more of it!

Crime Mapping and COMPSTAT

Proven and successful strategies are identified and offered to other commands to assist them in addressing similar or overlapping crime problems in other areas of the City. Officer Lizarraga was the first Newton officer killed in the line of duty since Careers rose or fell based on accurate and objective assessment of individual performance.

The north side of the division consists of commercial businesses and a garment district.crime totals and are displayed separately on the Department of Correction CompStat page. Crime statistics reflect New York State Penal Law definitions and differ from the crime categories used by the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

Police departments across the country have turned their attention to Compstat as an innovation in police management that combines state-of-the-art management principles with cutting edge crime analysis and geographic information systems technology. Jack Maple ( – August 4, ) served New York City as the Deputy Police Commissioner for Crime Control Strategies.

He created the CompStat methodology of crime fighting and law enforcement strategy.

How much credit does Giuliani deserve for fighting crime?

He coauthored the book The Crime Fighter, and inspired the television series The District. Commanding Officer: Inspector Rafael Mascol The 73rd Precinct serves a northeastern area of Brooklyn containing Brownsville and Ocean Hill.

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CompStat The New York City Police Department has taken the unprecedented step of making much of the crime data developed in the CompStat model available to the public. Preparing Map Content Receive Alerts; Go 0 Records Date Range.

Compstat and crime
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