Comparing the use of print media and electronic media during election campaigns

This technology may come with many advantages and disadvantages as well. The engagement in face-to-face local groups "dramatically affected how involved volunteers got with the campaign. These days there are special channels dedicated variously for sports and business etc.

Print media is more capable than electronic media to deliver localized news that may interest city or district residents, also helpful for educational purpose.

5d. The Media

The Media Ronald Reagan's ability to use the media to reach the people helped him land the nickname "The Great Communicator. Transactional media effects theories are the most complex among the five features.

Gary Hart had a good chance of becoming President inbut when his affair with Donna Rice was revealed by the press, he was forced to abandon his campaign. However, the influence of each media varies depending on their characteristics, ease of access and the quantity of the audience reached.

Also, it is an advantage for visually impaired people. Most people have a cell phone or a computer. Information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third-party or mass audience is provided by the news channels.

Can be reached faster and can be made LIVE. Later, two theoretical perspectives, uses-and-gratifications Katz et al.

Media and Elections

There are many people interested in watching the burning topics or very commonly termed as breaking news of the day and also very much interested to hear comments of prominent people about the current events or in case of some important event.

While working at Facebook, Hughes designed a Facebook profile for the then presidential candidate. Many good politicians have learned that they can succeed — in getting elected and in getting things done — if they know how to use the media. McQuail's typology of media effects Denis McQuaila prominent communication theorist, organized effects into a graph according to the media effect's intentionality planned or unplanned and time duration short-term or long-term.

However, with the growing modernization, human demand for knowledge is also increasing.

Social media and political communication in the United States

The purpose of a political party convention is to formally nominate a presidential candidate, but of course the party wants to win votes in the general election. There are many, who are still addicted to the novel stories or some short stories by various writers.

The conceptualization of indirect media effects urges us to pay attention to those intervening variables to better explain how and why media effects occur. The Political Influence of the Media The media can shape government and politics in many ways.

The Electronics media has replaced print with better and fast flowing news and information. Media serves an important role in keeping people informed about the events and innovations around the globe. By triggering the orienting reflex to media, these properties may initiate selective exposure Knobloch-Westerwick News gatherers curate facts to underscore a certain angle.

Also, there are separate channels and articles available on the internet that discuss a particular topic and make you aware of the various facts about your desired topic. Joe Miller a Senate candidate from Alaska tweeted about decorating his office prior to any announcement that he had won the race.

The journalists and editors of newspapers are more efficient and experienced than those of TV who just hire people based on looks rather than their journalism skills.

Get the latest news from around the globe, and use RealPlayer to view video clips of breaking stories. Reporters function as "watchdogs" to be sure that Presidents, Representatives, and Justices do not abuse their powers.

The media can inform the public of how effectively the current government or candidates have performed in the past and help them to account. The books can be referred to as textbooks or general literature or storybooks available in the market which still holds its readership even today.

Print media can be in the form of newspaper, magazines, book or printed journals and pamphlets. Print media in every form has its own importance and prominence which cannot be replaced by anyone else. The multiplicity of outlets combined with downsizing in the aftermath of the recession makes reportage more hectic than ever.

The rise of the motion picture industry, coupled with advances in social sciences, spurred the famous Payne Fund studies and others.

Not surprisingly, the voting behavior of people who are actively interested in politics is probably not changed by the media. Whitman lost the election to Jerry Brown. Information is stored in this model as nodes, clustered with related nodes by associated pathways.New media have been playing an increasingly central role in American elections since they first appeared in While television remains the main source of election information for a majority of voters, digital communication platforms have become prominent.

During the presidential election, Americans were more likely to use the Internet to look up pop culture information than political information.

d. The Internet has helped to create a public that has higher levels of political knowledge.

New Media and Political Campaigns

Comparison between electronic media and printed media. Comparison between electronic media and printed media Electronic Media has a clear edge over print media even if ‘new media’(for eg.

The Internet) is not included in it. Print media is more of a 'habit' with people and still caters to a sizeable population.5/5(1). Again, this could be seen as a result of a more important election being at hand, or as a case of organizational learning or professionalization (Tenscher, ), with parties having tried out Twitter during the election and using the service more fully during the latter election.

Comparing Twitter Use by Political Actors During Two Norwegian Election Campaigns Anders Olof Larsson 1.

Influence of mass media

this article presents a comparative study looking at Twitter use at the hands of political actors during two Norwegian elections, and Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 57, Google Scholar CrossRef: Lilleker.

In the United States, Americans elect 50 governors, roughly a third of the U.S. Senate’s members, all members of the U.S.

Print Media Vs Electronic Media

House of Representatives, and, every four years, a president.

Comparing the use of print media and electronic media during election campaigns
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