An understanding of mental retardation

For example, the law on No Child Left Behind may mean inclusion for children that may do better in special classes and not main streamed classes.

Data obtained through surveying representative samples of large populations or the entire population of certain limited regions in England and Scandinavia indicate that about 1 per cent or less of adults are classified as mentally retarded e. Terminology InAAMR published its first manual on the definitions and classifications of mental retardation.

Understanding Mental Retardation

Another is encephalocele a condition with an abnormal protrusion from the brain. One view is that these differences reflect a variety of experiential or motivational differences.

Spitz has noted a number of studies in these various areas which lend credence to his basic position. There is little agreement about either the early events or the resultant behaviors.

Although Ferguson appears to abhor a biological concept of intelligence, he nevertheless falls back upon it in dealing with those aspects of early learning which do not reflect transfer effects. The failure of Zigler and Williams to replicate the findings of Clarke and Clarke may be due to two factors: Even with these children there is considerable evidence that no great intellectual improvement is produced through environmental manipulation, and this holds true for a variety of techniques.

In the process of conducting these studies, a social deprivation scale was constructed which promises to bring some added objectivity to the social deprivation concept.

Wolfensberger argued that this dehumanization, and the segregated institutions that result from it, ignored the potential productive contributions that all people can make to society. They discuss assessment and treatment, education and employment, social and sexual adjustment, as well as regulatory and legal issues.

He would, of course, progress from stage to stage at a slower rate than other children, and the final stage that he achieves would be lower than that achieved by the more intelligent members of the population.

Intellectual disability

As has been pointed out, Binet viewed his empirically selected tests as a social screening device rather than as a theoretical interpretation of the nature of intelligence. Luria and verbal mediation theory Some of the more influential of the defect positions will be examined here, turning first to the position of the Russian investigator, A.

Today, new expressions like developmentally disabled, [49] special, or challenged are replacing the term mentally retarded.

Adding to these difficulties is the fact that several investigators have now discovered that responses to cognitive and perceptual tasks are influenced by a variety of motivational factors e. For example, mental retardation in some contexts covers the whole field but previously applied to what is now the mild MR group.

That one finds differences between normals and retardates matched on CA is not very surprising, since we are dealing with groups who are at different developmental levels as defined by MA. As adults, they may live with their parents, in a supportive group homeor even semi-independently with significant supportive services to help them, for example, manage their finances.

Some evidence that this attenuating aspect of retarded behavior can be overcome has been presented by McKinney and Keelewho found improvement in a variety of behaviors in the men-tally retarded following an experience of increased mothering.


Rather, intelligence is viewed as the result of a number of discrete genetic units. See Maherfor another discussion of this distinction between intelligence and intelligent behavior. According to Willis, the anatomical problems could be either an inborn condition or acquired later in life.

The theoretical language of some defect positions is explicitly physiological, that of others is nonphysiological, while that of others has remained extremely vague.

Mental Retardation

Such individuals might have a chance of coming down with mental retardation if not managed by a specialist. It should be noted that the Jones and Carr-Saunders study involved institutionalized children of approximately average intellect, thus indicating that the dynamics under discussion here are the same for both normal and retarded children.

Change in IQ scores. Here again it is an error to view obedience to the law as somehow beyond the ability of the retarded.Mental Retardation poses many research issues relating to identification, terminology, and laws of mental retardation.

Through better understanding mental retardation and the concept related to it, one can greater appreciate those affected by them and perhaps find ways to resolve them.

Understanding the Parenting Issues of Adults with Mental Retardation _____ _____ _____ 4 mothers had IQs between 30 to 49, 80 percent of them were rated as giving questionable or. "Understanding Mental Disorders is a consumer-friendly guide to understanding the full array of mental health concerns and conditions that affect so many of us, and to understanding the range of treatments that can be effective in addressing them.".

Intellectual Disability was referred to as mental retardation (MR) prior to the DSM Intellectual disability is a condition with an onset in the developmental period of life and includes below.

Mental Retardation poses many research issues relating to identification, terminology, and laws of mental retardation. Through better understanding mental retardation and the concept related to it, one can greater appreciate those affected by them and perhaps find ways to resolve them.

Intellectual disability (ID), also known as general learning disability, and mental retardation (MR), is a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significantly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning.

An understanding of mental retardation
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