An analysis of siegfried sassoons poem base details

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Ode of Remembrance

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Base Details

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Analysis of Base Details by Siegfried Sassoon In this short, vitriolic poem, Siegfried Sassoon is attacking the senior officers whom he perceives to be responsible for the misconduct of the war.

He gives these desk-soldiers an air of unfitness, lack of caring and poor appearance, living as far away as possible from the fighting and danger, yet sending men to their deaths, without a second thought.

Many folk songs were written down and are to be found in manuscripts with musical indications, such as the *maqāma or the name of the song to the melody of which the poem has to be sung (see especially Ms.

Sassoon ). Attack by Siegfried Sassoon Prev Article Next Article A second analysis: The poem, Attack, provides a snapshot from the front line of the trenches, before the soldiers go ‘over the top’ to face the enemy.

Attack by Siegfried Sassoon

Nov 07,  · In the following analysis, he upholds the validity of much of Sassoon's war poetry, citing the poet's "deceptively simple immediacy" and his direct, nonmetaphoric use of imagery.

An analysis of siegfried sassoons poem base details
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